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Important information about the use of our products

Our products are not medicines or drugs

Our products are not medicines or drugs. If you have any concerns about your health then you should consult a doctor. All products sold and information provided are based on holistic aromatherapy theraputic teachings only.  The descriptions and information are not based on clinical trials.


Please note that our products do not directly add water to the skin. They may be humectants, that is encourage your skin to draw water from the environment or occlusives, that is stop your skin letting water escape. Our products do not provide additional support which may be required for age and/or certain skin conditions. There is to debate as to whether anhydrous ,ie products without water , are sufficient to support some skin types. The difficulty is that when you add water, you need to add preservatives  , many of which are nasty. What do I do ? Wel lI  have mature skin so I continue to use a good moisturiser as well as Zelenci's nutrient rich oil based products. I  benefit extensively from the aromatherapy. Only you know your own skin and mind !

Given that our products do not contain water you should keep water away from our products.

The Sun

Sun damage is one of the biggest contributors to premature aging and other more serious diseases. Our products will not protect you from the sun. Always use sunscreen

No two of our products will every be exactly the same

This is because they are handmade using natural ingredients. There may be a lump or a bump or a grain or they may vary in colour. We say that this is what makes them special and pure.