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What is Aromatherapy ?

What is Aromatherapy ?

Aromatherapy is an holistic therapy which uses essential oils from plants and trees to promote the health of body and mind. It is ancient in origin but  to continues enjoy a very modern presence.

Essentail oils are highly concentrated extracts from various parts of aromatic plants and trees. The chemistry is complex.

Essentail oils can hold range of properties such as being antiseptic , antibacterial, antimicrobial , sedative , analgesic and anti depressant.

Oils can enter the body via inhalation or through the skin so via skincare and massage ( a bath oil ticks both boxes ! ) We do not ever advocate digestion.

Given their potency it is important that you are guided by a suitably qualified Aromatherapist in their use. All Zelenci products have been formulated by our founder who is a qualified Aromatherapist and is a member of the Association of Professional Aromatherapists.

Did you know that the Egyptians used Essential oils to help preserve the Eyptian mummies? When Tutenkhamun's tomb was opened in 1922 ,an Archaeologist discovered a pot containing Frankincense inside.

In medieval times , when the plague swept the world , bonfires of aromatic woods would be lit in the streets to purify the air. Doctors often carried a nosebag of herbs and oils such as cinnamon and cloves to kill germs

In 1937 Frenchan Gattefosse discovered the analgesic and healing properties of Lavender  when , working in his Laboratory he plunged his hand into the nearest liquid when he burnt himself. This was Lavender. The Lavender assisted with the pain and the burn healed swiftly with little scarring.

In the 1920's two Italian Doctors demonstrated the psychotherapeutic effects of smelling essential oils, these having an enormous influence on the nervous system. In this instance it was the locally grown essential oils such as bergamot ,and orange,

An estimated 40 per cent of all modern pharmacuetical drugs originate from plants or herbs or are the inspiration for chemical copies.

Aspirin was originally derived from the bark of the willow tree ( now it is artificially made ).

Foxgloves contain the heart tranquilliser Digitalis.

Aromotherapy is now frequently employed in labour wards ,  for palliative care of Cancer patients and in hopices. It it also utilsed in memory workshops in Care homes.

These precious liquids are in harmony with planet and people alike. They offer protection , healing and pleasure without pollutiing either ourselves or the environment.

Take a look at our aromatherapy products.

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