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What's in the name?

What's in the name?

Zelenci takes its name from a most magnificant nature reserve in Slovenia. The word Zelenci means green in Slovenian. Zelenci is the place which inspired me, a UK Lawyer , to look to nature for health, wellbeing and skincare.

With its emerald green waters, towering mountain peaks and an abundance of alpine flowers, it is a respite for those of us experiencing busy stressful lives and jobs.

Where is Slovenia? Slovenia is in Central Europe. It was previously part of the former Yugoslavia. It has borders with Croatia, Italy , Austria and Hungary.

Slovenia is home to the Julian Alps in the North. It enjoys dense forest , woodlands and lakes as well as fast flowing rivers. In the south it basks in the sunshine of a sub Mediterranean climate with its rustic Venetian coastal resorts dropping gently into the Adriatic.

And of course in has Zelenci.

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