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Could getting out into nature help in our fight against Coronavirus ?

Could getting out into nature help in our fight against Coronavirus ?

In the UK 75% of children spend less time outdoors than prisoners.

Those of us living in cities are outside for only 1-5% of our time.

We have all no doubt inherently felt it  , why else would we take flowers to those who are sick , but the science now supports it, nature is good for us.

Urban areas overwork the sympathetic nervous system , so that part of the body which responds to danger or stressful situations. Nature impacts the parasympathetic system , so the part of the body responsible for rest and calm. It encourages being in the moment. It increases vigour and energy,

Nature can also boost our immune system. A boost which is so vital in present times.

Studies on Ecotherapy have found that the effects are more profound if we actively engage with nature , using our five senses . Some examples of this are, smelling the earth after rain , stopping to look at the colours of the leaves or listening out for the birdsong.

How then ,in our busy lives , can we get more nature? Here are some quick wins;

  • Salvage a corner of the garden and vow to spend 1 hour of working from home out there each day
  • Grow something , even if it is just on your windowsill. Herbs are a good option
  • Breakfast or lunch in the woods. Pack up a picnique of your favourite things
  • Organise a nature trail for the children
  • Volunteer for conservation work or a city garden project
  • Choose to walk through a tree lined avenue or a park on your way somewhere
  • Apply a natural product and allow its aroma to conjure up feelings of goodness
  • Challenge yourself to learn about one new tree or bird a day on your walks. There are some fabulous free apps and resources
  • Collect sea shells at the beach
  • Allow yourself the opportunity of 5 minutes of just looking at the sky in the day or the stars at night

Go on then , get out there.......

"Leave the roads. Take the trails" Pythagoras

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