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Could getting out into nature help in our fight against Coronavirus ?

In the UK 75% of children spend less time outdoors than prisoners.

Those of us living in cities are outside for only 1-5% of our time.

We have all no doubt inherently felt it  , why else would we take flowers to those who are sick , but the science now supports it, nature is good for us.

Urban ar...


What is Aromatherapy ?

Aromatherapy is an holistic therapy which uses essential oils from plants and trees to promote the health of body and mind. It is ancient in origin but  to continues enjoy a very modern presence.

Essentail oils are highly concentrated extracts from various parts of aromatic plants and trees. The ch...


Spotlight on Rose and Frankincense Essential oils



A warm , deep  , richly floral and elegant aroma reminiscent of nightime and beauty.

On the skin Rose Damascena flower oil is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and improves skin tone

For the mind and body it is it is an antidepressant/ relaxant  . It aids sleep.



Spotlight on Neroli Essential oil

Neroli Essential oil.

Neroli is Orange blossom oil.

This luxurious and decadent oil is named after the 17th Century Princess of Orsini of Nerola , Italy. Princess Nerola liked to scent her gloves and bathwater with Orange Blossom oil.

Neroli has a fresher smell than Orange with green facets , cri...